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Creative Skilling: Register for the Kafunda #KreativeSprint21

Creative thinking is among the most sought-after work skills in the 21st century. The demand for creativity, however, exceeds the degree to which it is available and developed. In that regard, Kafunda Kreative – A consultancy that works with Creatives to build kick ass brands, products and services has put together a 3 day skilling event, dubbed ‘’ Kreative Sprint21.’’

The annual event is meant to help creatives dig deep into the interpersonal subjects of the Arts and open up synergies and opportunities for collaboration through expert talks, kliniks, and networking sessions from Kampala’s top creative minds who will be speaking on the different aspects involved in the business of creating. They will provide tools, tips, and tricks on how to get ahead in the creative industry.

Some of the facilitators lined up for the event include Charity Kamusiime Asiimwe, Afsa Mutesi, Josephine Kabyesisza, Clin Asiimwe, Lawyers from Barefoot Law, Lorna Marie Aine, Tom(The Mith)Mayanja , Raymond Mujuni among others. They will teach on subjects including: Marketing the art, Branding Self & trade, Business Communications, Legal for Creatives, Strategy for Scale, Product development, Content Creation for the Future, Client(stakeholder) Management and Work Pricing.

The 3 day event is scheduled to start on 18th February and end on 20th .Sessions will be held at the MoTIV Uganda premises starting 2PM to 5PM.

To be a part of the event, REGISTER HERE:

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