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Creating: It’s Time to Pay Attention to Your Workspace

It does not matter how you choose to style or design your workspace, what eventually materializes as a result of that set up is what’s important.

Ideally, your workspace should be able to catapult your productive creativity. Just like it is easy to tell what kind of person someone is by simply looking around their home, it works the same way with a company/organization. A brief glimpse at their space tells you loads about their work culture.

People assume that a fun-filled open-plan architecture is the answer to generate innovative ideas. With its emphasis on collaboration and fun, these workspaces reflect teamwork, collaboration and creativity for people to share and brainstorm new ideas. These companies believe that “bumping” into each other and engaging in an impromptu game is the catalyst for fresh ideas.

However, as more value is placed on inspiration and less on structure and taking action, teams are liable to spend more time generating more ideas and less time on improving any particular ideas. Collaborative workspaces also encourage interruptions that can, in turn, produce distractions that reduce productivity. The “bumping” philosophy causes people to meet on the fly, rather than adequately prepare for a meeting.

While open-plan architecture may facilitate raw creativity, this kind of environment does not necessarily foster the focus and accountability required to push ideas forward.

A workspace should be used NOT just to generate ideas, but also to make ideas happen. Since most great ideas are formulated in unstructured space, why not use time outside of the office for blue sky thinking…and then return to your workspace to take action?

Whatever your preference is, let it be the kind of environment that makes you more productive and action oriented.

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