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COVID19: Will people make long-term career changes and become remote workers or freelancers?

As companies are forced to use more remote working solutions during the COVID19 pandemic, many will likely find that most of their workers are just as effective remote, as they are on-site. This will lead many companies to question their fixed costs to operate a physical presence, investment in real estate, among other logistics. It is also more likely that even more opportunities in the future will be remote, and a large percentage of the workforce may not have much of a choice. As much as the urge to shift to remote or freelance work is high now- more than ever, some factors should be considered before making the shift; Whereabouts? You would only reconsider your career choice if the company you work at shut down their operations or has shifted to a further location. What type of work are we talking about? The humankind hasn’t evolved to the point where doctors can cure diseases from their homes, but a lot of administrative work, as well as accounting, can be done remotely. The corona virus will for sure give an extra boost to schools and colleges to have more online classes as a part of remote work. That being said, non-freelance workers will definitely give remote work a try while the other half will still pursue regular jobs. The beauty of freelance work is there’s plenty of it, so there is enough space for those who might want to make the switch. This decision is however most likely to be driven by workplaces than individuals.

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