COVID19 : How Young Creatives Are Coping – Rebecca Nanjego Shares Her Experience

The Corona virus pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for me as a creative person. As I underwent a great deal of uncertainty, creating was a useful outlet. The relief I get after transferring an idea into something tangible always amazes me. It is so satisfying for something that does not bring in any income yet. Most times for me to create something amazing, I need to make space for boredom, the lock-down gave me that opportunity.

I had thought about creating a podcast since I was introduced to podcasts over 4 years ago. I knew I wanted it to be a space, a safe space for human beings to connect – to see each other in the raw stories of others because I believe we are more alike than different and yet this is not well manifested in our daily lives. That is all I knew.

I created room for the very first time in my fast paced life to confront this idea that was now bugging me louder than never before. Everything felt right, most of us we’re stuck at home, we were more of our authentic selves in long bouts given that we did not have to go anywhere to pretend. I launched the ConnectiviTea podcast on 22 May 2020, the intention behind it is to help people feel more connected to themselves and the world around them.

The human experience is universal and so I find it absurd that often times people feel isolated in their situations. Another thing that drives me as a Ugandan/African creative is the opportunity to document our stories. One of the things that have set us back as Africans is the luck of documentation of our stories among other things, even today Africa is not well displayed on the internet and it is our mandate to take up space everywhere to change this narrative.

I hope that in many years to come, people confused about their lives will find relatable African stories told on the ConnectiviTea podcast to help them through difficulty.

Right now however, in this season of uncertainty I hope that people find solace as they listen in on the podcast. I hope it is a window into consciousness where we can all be encouraged to live authentically and with intention. But above all, I hope we will be reminded that human beings are alike than different and we can treat ourselves and each other with love and respect.

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