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COVID -19 is changing the future of Work: How we plan to keep Creatives Learning

The unexpected effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has sent shock-waves through the world, affecting especially the way people work. With majority of organizations and companies encouraging employees to work from home, this pandemic has effectively become a tipping point for freelancers and remote workers.

Clearly, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people and businesses to adapt to remote working whether they were ready for it or not. The suddenness of this shift has been incredibly disruptive but we are eager to keep Creatives Learning and have partnered with Kampala Design Week to get the Design Garages online.

Design Garage is about sharing thoughts and ideas among designers, artisans and entrepreneurs, growing greater knowledge, challenging preconceptions, analyzing current trends and bringing them to light for the community to make their own decisions, and resourcing our design community members. It's basically thinking about thinking.

As part of our efforts to keep up skilling the designers in our community despite the COVID-19 restrictions, the monthly knowledge-sharing platform will be done online . We have decided to bring these conversations straight to your home/phone or wherever you might be and extend our reach to partners worldwide giving us a chance to listen to more designers.

Our first conversation will be held under the theme, ‘’Designing for Disaster.’’ We will chat with a number of architects, product designers, marketing executives, festival managers, graphics designers, photographers et al. Throughout all our conversations, our guest mechanics will share on different topics including; what effective communication looks like during disaster times, education Post Covid19, present without being present- the zoom effect, home-work and the future of work, future public-spaces and how graphic designers are responding to the pandemic.

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