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COVID-19: Designing For Disaster with Ninno Jack Jr.

Last week, Kafunda Kreatives partnered with Kampala Design Week to bring the Design Garage online. Held under the topic, ‘’Designing for Disaster,’’ the online conversation discussed themes in line with what Graphic Designers are doing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Guest facilitator, Innocent Amanyire aka Ninno Jack Jr, a Professional creative designer, photographer and team leader at Agandy Studios shared his personal views on the topic as follows: How he has managed to stay productive in this period I have restructured how I work, and found ways to work better. Instead of sitting at the computer for the entirety of the whole work time frame, I have incorporated short meaningful breaks in between my work schedule. In order to focus better, I turn off notifications, set a timer and set creative time blocks. Best way to design COVID-19 Communication material without it being alarming First, you have to get the facts right. It’s not about having the best designs, but getting the facts right. Can the designer focus on the essential bits on how to prevent the virus? What is the main focus? Make the message clear. Create something that the entire country is able to interpret. Go straight to the point. How this pandemic will Change the design landscape in the near future It will change but not so much. The need for info graphics is going to be a ‘thing’. We shall have to summarize everything in an interactive way so that people are informed easily. How can we simplify things and help people consume information better? That is something designers will have to think about. Are Graphic Designers living up to your expectations during this time? They have tried to put this information out in the best way they can. The work is a little toned down but communicates exactly why people have to stay at home and follow the various precautions. This Corona pandemic is more of an invisible enemy but if a graphic designer creates imagery of what it looks like, someone gets to visualize it, driving the point home. Design Garage is about sharing thoughts and ideas among designers, artisans and entrepreneurs, growing greater knowledge, challenging preconceptions, analyzing current trends and bringing them to light for the community to make their own decisions, and resourcing our design community members. It's basically thinking about thinking.

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