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Considering remote Work? How to Ready Your Business for a Flexible Workforce

‘’New’’ and ‘’Change’’ might be the most dreaded words when it comes to the way people live. The reason those two words evoke feelings of stress, discomfort, and disruption is because no one wants to be put in uncharted territory. Pretty sure, you know that good old phrase, ‘'the oldest and strongest fear of mankind is the unknown.’’ As much as we dread those words, if embraced with optimism can birth our greatest achievements. With all that is going on the world right now, and a huge number of the labor force working from home, adopting a flexible workforce model is something many employers are considering moving forward. It is no secret that utilizing freelancers as part of your strategy not only helps you get more done but also extends capabilities so you can get bigger projects done. To prepare organizations embrace a flexible future, employ some of these ideas: It’s important to sit down with people and help them understand the value freelancers can provide. Each department has their own concerns, so show how freelancers and freelancing platforms, such as Kafunda Kreatives can make everyone’s workday easier. Shifting perspectives by focusing on the increased productivity: Humankind is scared to give some of their work away - especially creative work. You should look at that in terms of help instead of fear. Break work down into digestible pieces: We’re hardwired to think about work in a specific and rigid way, so employees often need help breaking work down into projects. Once people see how easily they can delegate work, they can begin spending more of their time working on tasks that speak to their strengths. With flexible talent, teams have options beyond traditional resources, which enables them to dream bigger and work faster. The change in mindset will make organizations more flexible, nimble, and responsive to a customer’s needs.

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