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Cleopatra Koheirwe on the Relationship between Acting and Creativity

Creativity is at the forefront for all good actors. A truly creative mind helps actors to bring those people to life.

Cleopatra Koheirwe, a multi-talented actress shares her own experience when it comes to fusing creativity and acting, and how it has helped her become a better actor.

Acting and creativity go well together. Without creativity, one will lack the ability to thoroughly tap into a character they are playing. Creativity helps an actor to envision what the role is all about and how he/she may portray it. When an actor has both the effortless acting ability and creativity, it makes a Director's work much easier too and the Director can work with the actor to add depth to the character when acting.

Creativity also helps an actor to create her/his own backstory or what we call a character bible of the person they are to portray, in case one is not provided.

If an actor is creative, she/he can quickly adjust to a sudden change in dialogue or react within context if a fellow actor goes off script. Creativity is crucial because it helps you think outside the box and be prepared for anything.

On becoming a more creative actor/actress

Do research. Watch some strong actors in action and learn what makes them tick.

Watch makings of some of the greatest films and how actors prepare for their roles.

Go for acting workshops & trainings.

Read or watch material about acting and film making. There is so much one can do. Being an actor is like being a student. You are forever learning something new with every role you play especially if you challenge yourself.

-Avoid being typecast. Expand the wave of how far you can go in transformation and expression.

How she has managed to cultivate creativity in her acting roles

I do all the above and I also endeavor to play characters that differ from the one I play in a previous project. This way, I challenge myself and tap into a new emotion within me that I may not have known I had, or may not be comfortable showing in my own life.

I also get to learn new skills. I have learned Boxing, and sign language from some projects such as 'KONA' and 'Yogera' respectively. Acting gives me the opportunity to be someone else and it is fun. It is like playing dress up. Haha! But acting can be nerve wrecking too. The mind, body and soul are all in play so it can be exhausting the deeper a character is, because I really go for it.

I also do projects I strongly feel or connect to. It is not just about the money, the script has to speak to me. I stay true to where I want to go as an actor. Each project has to be of impact in some way.

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