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ChrisOgon. the Cartoonist On His Creative Process, Tools And Blocks

We often think about content as something that is a natural part of our digital life and that it is all around us, but the fact is someone has to create it, write it, draw it and compile it from the useless chunks of bits into something useful, beautiful, something that generates emotions just like cartoons do.

Meet ChrisOgon Atukwasize a.k.a Ogon. a Ugandan full-time cartoonist, published in several newspapers since 2013. He is known for his political cartoons which are technically memes and have become such a hit with Ugandans on social media.

Ogon. mixes history, current events and humor while sketching cartoons and caricatures in editorial newspapers.

Born in Kabale, South western Uganda, Ogon. went to Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Industrial and Fine Arts (BIFA) in 2012 as an Illustration major.

He briefly worked for The Kampala Sun newspaper as the Editorial Cartoonist under the pen name "atuk" It is from there that he joined Monitor Publications Ltd.

Ogon. believes he was always destined for a career in Art. He started drawing at a tender age, and when his father discovered his interest in the subject, he was very supportive. ‘’He bought me professional equipment and supported me in my pursuit of Art.’’ His interest in (editorial) cartooning however developed at University.

The Process?

After picking interest in a topic, subject or story, I look for relevant literary material and read after which I brainstorm through, noting down key pointers that will make the cartoon. Thereafter I begin sketching followed by inking, then scan to apply color.

Drawing actually doesn’t take most of my time. I spend a lot of time thinking and brainstorming. It’s always a struggle settling for the final idea/ concept but once with an idea...sketching to final piece takes me at least 3hours (3-6 hours)






•Computer (Adope Photoshop)


Largely Current (political) affairs

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