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Bringing Design & Creative Ideas To Life

Are you a Designer or creative that is struggling to bring your ideas to life? Here's a few things that will inspire you to get going & contribute to your professional field by boldly pursuing your ideas.

Ask Obvious Questions

Iteration through prototyping is one of the most integral steps in the design process. It’s often the best way to bounce around new ideas, question creative solutions, and unearth new problems. But we often skip the most important piece in the prototyping process. As we rush to dream up new solutions and ideas, we often forget to ask ourselves “Why? Why do it this way? Why prioritize that?”

Forget About ‘’shooting for the moon’’

Release your obsession with profits and products, and focus on contexts and communities. Zero in on the everyday needs of systems and communities. There are way more opportunities to scale impact through the mundane than through moonshots.

Listen To Your Gut

It’s tough to evaluate and critique a partner’s work. We worry about hurt feelings, or possibly squashing the germs of a good idea. Whatever your initial reaction to your partner’s work, don’t take it lightly. It’s quite possible that anyone viewing the work will have a similar opinion. Be upfront and honest, and, if you have to have a hard conversation, better it coming from you than a client who feels the same way.

Revive Your Greatest Hope & Fears

Be a little more self-centered. Not in the way that makes us design unnecessary products for a quick buck but self-centered in a more introspective, vulnerable way. Dig deep into the things that frustrate you — whether it’s hurt about inequality or an experience being bullied as a child — and create products that address those problems. Every frustration, every fear, every hope that you’ve buried really deep down inside, thinking there was no way for it to change into something positive.

Chase Your Own Dreams

If we can play together, we can live together. But to raise a new generation who can play and dream together, adults have to set a good example by tending to their own dreams. In order to inspire new generations, we must follow our own dreams.

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