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Beat the Creative Struggle and Get Things Done!

Why is the relationship between creating and struggle in constant conflict? It takes quite the process to create. Imagination, nonlinear thinking and introspection, all of which slow down the process since they do not exactly offer clarity.

The endless brainstorms, perfectionist tendencies and endless distractions, all play a huge part when it comes to limiting productivity.

The good news is you can beat this struggle and get things done without compromising your creativity. The solution is simply being intentional, backed by a productivity system that works.

Get Into making Creative Time-Blocks

There is too much distraction surrounding us. It usually comes in the form of emails, phone calls, social media notifications etc. All these are detrimental to your creative process, so make sure to set aside specific times each day to check your email, answer the phone and follow up your social media. Stay away from any kind of distraction and get things done.

Simply Show-Up

Sounds pretty much easy but it might be an issue for a couple of freelancers. All you have to do is play your part, put in the time and just show up to do your job. Once you make the decision to show up every hour, day, week, month, there will be no room for distraction. Just do your best!

Keep Tangible To- Do Lists

It’s true what they say about ’’ Out of sight, out of mind.’’ Writing down whatever you need to do, gets it out of your abstract mind onto paper. Once it’s on paper, you are able to dissect it and get clarity. Make sure, the lists are short because if they are too long, you will get overwhelmed, so divide tasks into small short lists. Get them done, and start a fresh new list. Then keep it going...

Commit and Move

If you believe that you are called to do whatever it is you do in your creative space, commit to it and move. Act!

Start sending stuff out the door, and refine in the process. Procrastination is not your friend and will stifle your creativity. Make that phone call, send that email, launch the website. There is no time for fear. Answer the call to share your gift with the world.

The point is, you need to come up with a process that works, lest you end up being just busy and not productive.

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