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A Glance at Writer - Mable Barbara Amuron

Mable Barbara Amuron is a multi-talented award winning creative with a passion for the written word. She is a writer, editor, poet and, most importantly, a reader.

‘’I enjoy watching words become something coherent and something that can entertain, inform, and inspire. My poetry has appeared in two anthologies in Zimbabwe and South Africa. A script I wrote and voiced won Best Animation at the 2018 Uganda Film Festival Awards.’’

She believes she is a reader first. And that's what has influenced her writing the most. Her dissatisfaction with the ending of some books she read forced her to start rewriting the endings in a way, she felt, the characters deserved.

‘’I'm also influenced by what I see. I'm observant. I am the girl in the corner at a party that's just watching everyone and creating stories about them. ‘’

Her special writing software happens to be Google Docs. ‘’ I just love it. I enjoy that I can share a document with people and that I can edit it on the go. With my phone or laptop.’’

Do you feel like it’s most important to have: A) Strong Characters?

B) Mind-blowing Plot twists or

C) Epic settings?

I most enjoy stories that are character-driven as opposed to plot-driven because I am intrigued by the human condition. Stories that help me understand humans more are stories that are my favorite. I enjoy the unreliable narrator the most.

Do you have any writing blogs you recommend?

Yes! Actually. These are two that I enjoy the most.

Goins, Writer:

Chuck Wendig's Terrible Minds:

Are you currently working on anything we should look out for?

Read and subscribe to my website! . Everything that I'm currently working on will be on there. You'll find my short stories, letters to a future husband, and my commentary on life and love.

Mable currently works with African Writers Trust and Digest Africa on top of being a freelance editor.

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