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5 Quick Fire Shots With Josh the Fixer

Joshua Mwesigwa, a.k.a Josh The Fixer is a visual artists and the brain behind ‘Vidiyo in Business’, a video solutions provider to businesses, brands and content creators. Josh has worked with reputable brands over the years and his work is top notch. He is a visual artist.

How would you describe yourself and what you do?

I am video artist, and I do everything video from Directing to Editing.

What is the difference between Cinematography and videography? These may loosely mean the same but if you care to pay attention, they differ. They both mean the art of capturing a motion-picture though Cinematography involves writing on film medium and Videography involves writing on electronic media like SSDs or SDs.

What does a videographer do?

Creates videos

What makes some videographers more exceptional than others?

Paying attention to detail in planning and execution.

To achieve a more professional Looking video, what must one do?

Plan well, execute the plan and understand that it takes a team.

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