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KoiKoiUG; The Ugandan Story

KoiKoiUg was an initiative by Kafunda Kreative to empower, provide opportunities and build a community of Ugandans telling the authentic Ugandan Story.


This idea started out of love for beautiful Uganda and its people. We understood that things were not very smooth in the country, but we also loved small things, like the tasty food, sunrises and sunsets, our unique sound. Our goal was to build a project that would give Ugandans the tools and opportunities to become the producers of their own stories.


Advertising Campaign




2016 - 2019

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The Idea

Derived from local lingua, Koyi Koyi, is a phrase that marks the beginning of a range of riddles that are highly considered as a great aspect of informal education.

Kafunda Kreative works with highly talented creatives to create blogs, photo and video content to create a renewed sense of discovery and renewed passion in our audience for Uganda and associated brands.

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