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Our service gives creatives the opportunity to take control of their lives. Working on their own terms, when they want, and where they want.

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Join our community of freelance creatives and get access to work. Sign up, write a catchy profile, share your experience and let us match you to people looking for your services. Its free. 

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There are 3 ways to work with Kafunda Kreative.  You can choose to work on singular jobs, be a part of our Talent Scout program, or join our agency model Kreative Circles.

14 day payment guarantee

Kafunda Kreative will ensure you get paid within 14 days of delivery whether the client has paid or not. 

Frequently asked questions

Is Kafunda Kreative free to join?

Joining Kafunda Kreative is absolutely free. Just sign up , complete your profile, and take projects that you’re interested in. Then bid on them and work on them. Kafunda Kreative only makes money when you do, so you’ll always get paid as much as each project is worth.

Can I grow at Kafunda Kreative?

Kafunda Kreative is committed to helping you grow by investing in your skills, providing you with opportunities for up- and cross-skilling, offering mentoring from individuals with seniority in their field, and providing a variety of ways to get more out of the work you do like our Talent Scout and Kreative Circle programs

What kind of work can I do at Kafunda Kreative ?

Kafunda Kreative has a variety of projects for you to work on. From single job contracts, to short to long-term engagements, to agency model jobs where you are part of a specialized team called a Kreative Circle. You decide how you want to work and we match you with the client looking for your skillset spanning across every industry.

Why a 14 day payment guarantee.?

Kafunda Kreative always work to pay you immediately after completion of work. But some contracts especially with bigger organisations that we give you access to work with LPO's and might not allow an immediate remmitance. However, our obligations to you will always be cleared withing 14 days from completion of the job regardless of the length of the payment period with clients.