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Hemp Canna

Hemp Canna is a for profit social enteprise that advocates for legal, equitable and safe

use of hemp and hemp products in Uganda. 

In a world where the stigma of Marijuana’s recreational association over-shadows the reasoning behind its use, this is a brand designed to show it’s significance as a herbal remedy and highlight its commercial potential amongst the people of Uganda.


Branding and Website


Hemp Canna



Hemp Canna Website Mock Up

The Hempcannabis branding is both contemporary and fresh. Instead of simply stating the obvious, it seeks to relabel the product with a brand that breaks the mould.

The asterix type hemp leaf subtly perched in the corner of the type word mark is an inspired by the footnote, an ode to the positioning of hemp in Uganda. 

Hemp Canna is a brand that has brought the stigma of cannabis use to life, carefully avoiding to play into the cliche. We have redefined what it means to be a legitimate speaker in the legalization of an olden cash crop, cannabidiol.

Unfolding through conceptualization, the cannabis canna logo comes in two color combination namely green and white to preserve its authentic yet simple look.


Hemp Canna Stationary Branding
Hemp Canna Icon against a green background
Hemp Canna Colour Palette

Web & Mobile

Hemp Canna seeks to be a hub for information for hemp in Uganda and required a website to be a touch point for policy makers, entreprenuers and farmers looking for information on hemp use and growth. 

Hemp Canna Mobile Website Mock Up
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