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Gonahasa is a chef with a wandering soul and a lover of beautiful food. 

His humour and charisma keep his cooking always fresh, even when he reuses dishes repeatedly. He is not afraid to lean into spontaneity so many times that he has whipped out something completely new on short notice. 


Branding and Imaging





Gonahasa Logo White.png

The brand design for Gonahasa needed to be representative of not only his tasty food, but also his wandering soul and humourous character. It also needs to adapt to whatever whim he might choose to try next whether it be a food truck, a chefs table or an event cooking in the wild.

The cheeky reminiscent licking their lips from a tasty meal allows us to capture the essence of Gonahasas simplicity and tastiness while also offering a perceived sense of motion to represent his spirit.

That spirit is further emphasised in the terrain type brand pattern to go with all assets. 

The logo comes in a striking and memorable black and red, with a green option to be used for healthy meals.


Fast Food Brand Identity Mockup-3-2.png
Female Apron.png
Artboard 3_1.png
Male Apron.png
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