About Us

Connecting Africa's Top Creative Talent To The Brands Of The World.

Kafunda Kreative began  7 years ago, creating a better way of working for young creatives and freelancers, and helping businesses find more flexible ways to connect to talent while giving the latter opportunity to work and grow their skills.

We are a fellowship of creatives learning from one another, growing together, and collaborating to produce impactful brands, products, and services.

Our mission is to create a friendly community of equals sharing the interest around the culture and creative arts industries. As a result, we have created a collaborative space where different businesses and talent meet to accomplish amazing things.

We aim to create an environment where every Ugandan or African regardless of economic or social background has access to skills, tools, and markets to pursue a fulfilling creative career.

We believe in your vision and work towards helping you make the connections that will turn it into reality.

Find the right people, and start working strategically.

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Our Story

In a small flat in Wandegeya, nicknamed The Kafunda, like-minded creatives would often get together to unwind. What started out as an affordable solution to get through the weekend turned into a community of freelancers often sharing and crowdsourcing solutions to their challenges. Often those brainstorming sessions led to breakthrough solutions giving bath to products and even businesses. We experienced the power of community, peer-to-peer learning, and collaboration and saw its impact on us, our growth, and livelihoods. We sought to scale that model, to every freelance creative facing the challenges we were faced

Meet The Team

Although Kafunda Kreative works with freelancers we have a dedicated team of professionals ensuring that your experience is seamless.

Our Clients